3 Vacuums. There are vacuums outside on islands both in the front and rear of the building. There is also a vacuum inside that can be accessed from either Bay 2 or Bay 3 

New Arrival !

2925 Starr Avenue, Eau Claire, WI, 

Eau Claire Car Wash

‚ÄčThese Vending Items are available in the Self - Service Bays. 

Happy to offer customers the ability to Shampoo and Use Spot-Remover on their carpets and floor mats.

This is a Powerful Air Dryer. It's located on the island facing Starr Ave. and is great for:

  • Drying Motorcycle Chrome
  • Drying Chrome and Spoke Wheels.
  • Keeping Door Trim and Locks from Freezing.
  • Chasing Off any Remaining Water Leaving a Spot-Free Finish.