• 3 Self Service Bays.
  • 1 Full Service Hand Wash Bay
  • 8 Foot High and 12 Foot Wide Doors.
  • Indoor and Outdoor Vacuums Available.
  • Well Lit, Heated,and Clean Environment.
  • ​Owner On-Site.
  • ​Car Care Vending Products Available
  • Coins, Tokens, or Credit Cards 
  • Change Machine on Premise.
  • Reliable Equipment

2925 Starr Avenue, Eau Claire, WI, 

Eau Claire Car wash

2925 Starr Ave.

On the corner of Starr and Eddy. Behind Holiday gas station.


8:00 am - 8:00 pm

$ 3.00 = 6 Minutes of Wash Time

Eau Claire Car Wash

Check out the New  Self Service Under Carriage Wash

Protect your investment by keeping it clean.

We all know how corrosive road salt is on our vehicles. Ultraviolet sunlight, road grime, bird droppings, tree sap and bugs are nearly as bad. Stay ahead of the elements by keeping your vehicle clean.

Why a Self Serve

 Automatic car wash options have their place. What I offer at the Eau Claire Car Wash  is a clean, well lit, locally owned, facility for vehicle owners that can’t or choose not to use them. At my car wash you can wash your oversized truck, classic car, snowmobile, motorcycle, 4 - wheeler, boat or anything else that has a steering wheel.

My Promise to You

I want to make sure you leave satisfied. I believe in providing a customer centered service. If you leave feeling like your business wasn't appreciated or you didn't receive value for your patronage, I've failed.